Kaltura video does not seems to be working on IE, but works perfectly fine on other browsers

We have been using a lot of videos on our site from Kaltura, but now we realised that those are not working in IE ( IE version 11.0.38 ) . But the same videos work fine on other browsers. It might be known issue, but quick answer would be highly appreciated.

The link for reference : http://www.bring.no/radgivning/kundedialog/reklamebyraer/inspirasjon/maja-og-snorre-fra-pol-dmer-vi-liker

Hi @kumar_anand,

I see you’re using version 2.49 of the player, the latest version is 2.53.
Please upgrade by going to KMC->Studio. The player ID for the page you provided is 30979692 but I recommend you update any additional players you may have.
If, after upgrading, you still experience issues, please open a ticket with our support team.