Has anyone used the kaltura-updater project at

My scenario is that I have an old pre-RPM instance of kaltura with a fair bit of content, that I somehow need to get into a new installation. The kaltura-updater seems to be the tool, but the project hasn’t seen any activity in quite a while, it’s described as alpha, and the documentation looks nasty.

Is that my best approach, or is there some other method?


The kaltura-updater docs and scripts were contributed by Joost Pluijmers from VIXY Video.
He used it to upgrade their CE 6 Kaltura cluster to CE 9, which was the first version released as RPMs.

It should work for you as well and get you to the latest version [11.9.0], since the main problem is with versions prior to the RPMs, upgrading from one version to the next using RPMs is far more straight forward.
If you have any issues, do feel free to post them here.
Of course, be sure to backup your DB and configuration prior to starting the upgrade.


Thanks @jess

Definitely sounds like a Monday project and not a Friday project, but I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes :slight_smile:


I’m finally at a point, and with time, where I can try this process. I’ve been reading the doc at https://github.com/kaltura/platform-install-packages/tree/master/doc/kaltura-updater/core. In section 3.1where it talks about creating the config file, it sounds as if I need to have lines for every version/release from where I am now to the most current release

RELEASES="falcon_2012_08_20" RELEASES="$RELEASES gemini_2012_09_19" RELEASES="$RELEASES gemini_2012_10_22" RELEASES="$RELEASES gemini_2013_01_07" RELEASES="$RELEASES gemini_2013_01_28" RELEASES="$RELEASES gemini_2013_02_18" RELEASES="$RELEASES gemini_2013_02_22" RELEASES="$RELEASES gemini_2013_03_04" RELEASES="$RELEASES gemini_2013_03_14" RELEASES="$RELEASES gemini_2013_03_18" RELEASES="$RELEASES gemini_2013_04_15" RELEASES="$RELEASES gemini_2013_04_29" RELEASES="$RELEASES gemini_2013_05_06" RELEASES="$RELEASES gemini_2013_06_04" RELEASES="$RELEASES gemini_2013_07_16" RELEASES="$RELEASES gemini_2013_07_16_1"

I believe my current install Community Edition v6.0.0 dev is a ‘falcon’ release, but I have no idea if it’s ‘2012 08 20’.

So I guess I’m asking;
a) is there a list of all releases somewhere, and
b) am I correct in understanding that I need to fill that array up with 2.5 more years of releases

Any help at all appreciated.

Hi @verdonv1,

This guide is a result of Joost Pluijmers doing an upgrade from Falcon so I believe, considering you have the same version, keeping the array of releases exactly as it is in the guide should work for you too. It is a rather difficult upgrade to perform but the good news are once you are over it, incremental upgrades are far easier:)

If you come across specific issues, please post them and I’ll do my best to assist you.

Thanks @jess ,

I’m sure you’ll hear from me :slight_smile:

I asked about details on other releases as that sample config is about a year old, and the array goes from Falcon (6) to several points of Gemini (7), but the RPM-based releases start at 9… leaving me wondering if there aren’t several more db patches to go through, since that sample config was created… just trying to cover all bases.