Kaltura Storage Space Options

Hi we currently have Kaltura Community Edition 10.21.0 setup on a cloud server with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (PV), at the time of setup it has very little storage space (40GB which at the time wasn’t an issue) However now that this is being used more regularly we need to increase the available space.

I’m after some recommended solutions of to how best to achieve this. I know that I can create a storage volume for the cloud and mount the newly created storage to replace the current storage area /opt/kaltura/web, however the maximum storage on offer seems to be 1TB.

Would remote storage be a better option? and if so are there any configuration guides out there to help with setting this up (Please note that i’m rather new to Linux and Kaltura)

If somebody could just explain the available options, I’d be very greatful.

Many Thanks

try this link: