Kaltura Screen Recorder (KSR) UIConf Schema

Hi all,

I’m attempting to utilize the Kaltura Screen Recorder included with CE 9.18.0, but cannot find definitions for the KSR UIConf schema anywhere online. The closest I’ve found is the ‘Kaltura: Screen Record (KSR) Integration Guide’ KB article, which mentions where to insert the appropriate UIConfID in JS library/Kaltura API calls, but provides no further information on the config parameters.

Is this information available anywhere?


Hi Kyle,

I am checking with our front team and will let you know.


I haven’t used KSR yet but go to the Admin Console, in the uiconf lists, you will find it if installed. If not, then you will need to enable it if it’s a plugin. And then come back to the Admin Console to check the UiConf for KSR.

It seems KSR in Kaltura is part of MOOC. Maybe you should check if the required MOOC is present.

Hi Kyle,

I checked with my colleagues, KSR is a proprietary third party component, as such, it cannot be part of the CE. If you require it, you will need to switch to onPrem or SaaS.


Ahh, that’s a shame. Thank you for taking the time to look into this, Jess!

surething, Kyle. How are you enjoying the system thus far?

So far, the system has been great! Still getting familiar with the API libraries, and some gotchas here and there with UIConfs. Eagerly looking forward to closer integration with Wowza, which will be a huge boon in integrating Kaltura with our existing content delivery environment.

If my project integrating Kaltura here at my employer moves forward, I have a couple small development projects in mind that I would be happy to contribute back to the community. Here’s to hoping :smile:

Good to know, Kyle.
If you need anything let me know:)