Kaltura Players + Video sources in a USB

need to package this http://mastectomia.sermef.es/ as player + videos playable from a USB…

any advices? is it possible? recommendable? would the player play local files? may I feed all configuration to the players from the usb not needing to render php?

thx a lot.

thx. it’s a good starting point. let you know how it goes. think i have to put together in the usb web server + web browser with flash enabled or maybe your html5 library. And i need to make this work for Linux+MS+Mac…probably is a little off topic but…do you have any recommendation?

will answer to this later…first with technical troubles…able to see local video but not playlist…i have downloaded all needed plugins so i do not get any console error but kdp3.html page does not make any call to take my kpl0.url playlist and does not play anything…relevant part of my kdp3.hml file is:

var flashvars = {
    debugMode : true,
    fileSystemMode : true,
    pluginDomain : 'assets/plugins/', //in case config.xml will point to any plugins, this is the folder to save them
    kml : "local",
    kmlPath : "kdp3_files/config_playlist.xml",
    skinPath : "assets/skin.swf",
    sourceType : "url",
    //entryId : "DemoVideo.flv", //this is relative to where kdp3.swf file is located
    //autoPlay : "true",
    externalInterfaceDisabled : false,
    'playlistAPI.autoInsert' : false,
    'playlistAPI.autoContinue' : true,
    'playlistAPI.kpl0Name' : 'Primera fase',
    'playlistAPI.kpl0Url' : 'http%3A%2F%2Fwww.kaltura.com%2Findex.php%2Fpartnerservices2%2Fexecuteplaylist%3Fuid%3D%26partner_id%3D600972%26subp_id%3D60097200%26format%3D8%26ks%3D%7Bks%7D%26playlist_id%3D1_77qbl1ga',
    'playlistAPI.kpl1Name' : 'Segunda fase',
    'playlistAPI.kpl1Url' : 'http%3A%2F%2Fwww.kaltura.com%2Findex.php%2Fpartnerservices2%2Fexecuteplaylist%3Fuid%3D%26partner_id%3D600972%26subp_id%3D60097200%26format%3D8%26ks%3D%7Bks%7D%26playlist_id%3D1_idy3otad',
    streamerType : 'rtmp',

thx…do you have a simple sample of standalone playlist player?

thx. it works. the only thing i don’t like of this solution is the need of using only flash and the fact that i have to put a web server to run instead of using local filesystem…