Kaltura Player UIConf ID, Partner ID. (Android)

I’m trying out Kaltura demo app : https://github.com/kaltura/player-sdk-demo-android, and trying to play a Kaltura video.

The url is : http://cdnbakmi.kaltura.com/p/303932/sp/30393200/serveFlavor/flavorId/0_5lbtjkio/name/0_5lbtjkio.mp4

Here, I can see the partner ID as 303932. I also have a Kaltura subscription, and a partner ID for the account as well. So I have 2 basic queries:

  1. While constructing the KPPlayerConfig object, which partner ID I need to pass to play the above URL? It would also be useful if anyone can explain the exact use of partner ID (I just know that it’s some kind of ID associated with a Kaltura subscription account).
  2. How can I find UIConf_id if I need to play the above URL, because it’s missing in the URL.


From the Android log you can see your parameters:

The params of the KPPlayerConfig:
1URL - "http://cdnapi.kaltura.com"
2)UICONF ID - 35337951
3)PARTNER ID - 303932


All the information is located in the KMC site:


Pay attention that the UICONF holds the configuration of player and it’s version which is now 2.44 as you can see from the log

you may create a new player or upgrdae the current player to newer version
right now it is 2.47

Hope it helped you

Hi Gilad.

Thanks for your reply. But I couldn’t understand how to get UIConf_id if the url doesn’t contain it.
I’m using following code:

KPPlayerConfig config = new KPPlayerConfig(“http://cdnbakmi.kaltura.com”, null , “303932”).setEntryId(“0_5lbtjkio”);
config.addConfig(“controlBarContainer.plugin”, “true”);
config.addConfig(“topBarContainer.plugin”, “true”);
config.addConfig(“largePlayBtn.plugin”, “true”);
config.addConfig(“loadingSpinner.plugin”, “true”);
config.addConfig(“sourceSelector.plugin”, “true”);

config.addConfig(“sourceSelector.displayMode”, “bitrate”);
config.addConfig(“mediaProxy.preferredFlavorBR”, “700”);

config.addConfig(“EmbedPlayer.UseFlashOnAndroid”, “true”);

In the logs, I couldn’t find uiconf_id. Also, would help if you can tell whether the partner ID and players IDs (UIConf_id) subscribed with our Kaltura account need to be used, or the partner ID in the url.

You can know which uiconf id you have only from the KMC in the studio tab
Sent a link in previous reply

Your attached config is incorrect

use this code using your uiconf which was created 3 month ago (v2.44) which I suggest to upgrade via your KMC account:

  KPPlayerConfig config = new KPPlayerConfig("http://cdnapi.kaltura.com", "35337951", "303932").setEntryId("0_tjrn5awh");

Hi Gilad.

As per your suggestion, I tried.

  1. I found out UIConf_ID from the Studio tab (and used a player created yesterday, so it’s the latest I believe).

Code I used:
KPPlayerConfig config = new KPPlayerConfig(“http://cdnapi.kaltura.com”, “36553431” , “303932”).setEntryId(“0_5lbtjkio”);

Result: Unknown UIConf_id.
Url: http://cdnapi.kaltura.com/html5/html5lib/v2.47/mwEmbedFrame.php/p/303932/uiconf_id/36553431/entry_id/0_5lbtjkio?wid=_303932&iframeembed=true&wid=_303932&uiconf_id=36553431&entry_id=0_5lbtjkio&flashvars[EmbedPlayer.UseFlashOnAndroid]=true&flashvars[controlBarContainer.plugin]=true&flashvars[sourceSelector.displayMode]=bitrate&flashvars[largePlayBtn.plugin]=true&flashvars[sourceSelector.plugin]=true&flashvars[loadingSpinner.plugin]=true&flashvars[topBarContainer.plugin]=true#localContentId=&nativeSdkDrmFormats=dash,wvm&nativeSdkAllFormats=dash,mp4,hls,wvm
2. Then I used the UIConf_id which you’ve given in the example, for which the result was : No source video is found.
Url: http://cdnapi.kaltura.com/html5/html5lib/v2.44/mwEmbedFrame.php/p/303932/uiconf_id/35337951/entry_id/0_5lbtjkio?wid=_303932&iframeembed=true&wid=_303932&uiconf_id=35337951&entry_id=0_5lbtjkio#localContentId=&nativeSdkDrmFormats=dash,wvm&nativeSdkAllFormats=dash,mp4,hls,wvm