Kaltura player configuration not working in iOS(safari browser)

Hi Team,

We are facing multiple issues in kaltura player in iPhone 5s,6s and safari browser:

  1. iOS - Not able to disable fullScreen mode while Ad playback.
  2. iOS - Ads get fast-forwarded (4-5 sec) when tapping and holding the next button in the player
  3. iOS - Ad get paused when tapped on the full screen expander icon during Ad playback.
  4. iOS - During actual content playback observe that progress bar fails to display in player in portrait mode.

Please reply asap as it is affecting our live application.

Hello @mahima,

Please provide a sample URL where the player is embedded and we’ll gladly take a look.
Also, if not using the latest stable player version [v2.54.1], first try to upgrade to latest.