Kaltura on Docker

I’ve pulled the kaltura docker image.
When running /opt/kaltura/bin/kaltura-config-all.sh
I saw couple of times this message: /dev/mem: No such file or directory
Any hint?


Hi @oferc1,

I believe you’re hitting this issue:

We use dmidecode to get a unique identifier for the machine in the event the user opted to share deployment data with us. This is not fatal in any way and can be ignored.

Thanks Jess.
This indeed didn’t make any different.
I have another issue now. It is not in your court, but maybe you have an answer
The kaltura server is on 443 with SSL, when I try to access the serer from within docker it works fine.
I started docker with -p 443:443, but when I try to access it from outside docker it seems I get into the wrong VirtualHost (any ideas?)

Nevermind, disabled the regular ssl.conf VirtualHost, and changed kaltura’s to be the default