Kaltura Management Console (KMC) Stay Loading

I have installed the Kaltura Community Edition 11.4.0 on centos7,but when i type the url into browser ,it stays loading.what should i do next ,is it because the chinese greatwall firewall?it prevents the requests from google

Can you help me ?@jess


Start by opening your broswer’s dev tools and looking at the requests being made under the network tab, as well as the errors under the console tab.
This will help us understand what call hangs.

Thank you! It works.I have a new question,if i want to insert questions into the video,what should i do,can you give me some tips or related technical documents @jess

You can use our quiz API for that.
Please see code for such a demo app here:

The general idea as far as the API goes is like this:

$quizPlugin = KalturaQuizClientPlugin::get($client);
$result = $quizPlugin->quiz->listAction($filter, $pager);
// if it does not, create one
if (count($result->objects) === 0 ){
        $quiz = new KalturaQuiz();
        $quiz->uiAttributes = array();
        $quiz->uiAttributes[0] = new KalturaKeyValue();
        $quiz->uiAttributes[0]->value="Mashu nu";

        $quiz->uiAttributes[1] = new KalturaKeyValue();

        $quiz->uiAttributes[2] = new KalturaKeyValue();
        $result = $quizPlugin->quiz->add($entryId, $quiz);

$cuePoint = new KalturaQuestionCuePoint();
$answer = new KalturaOptionalAnswer();
$answer1 = new KalturaOptionalAnswer();
$cuePoint->optionalAnswers = array($answer,$answer1);

$cuepointPlugin = KalturaCuepointClientPlugin::get($client);
$result = $cuepointPlugin->cuePoint->add($cuePoint);

Note also that this demo uses the Kaltura Editor Application which is not available outside of our SaaS.
For a self hosted ENV, you will need to implement a similar editing interface yourself, based on the code I attached above.

:grin: thx, i’ll have a try

hi,jess,one more question.As you said ,"quiz-demo"uses the Kaltura Editor Application which is not available outside of our SaaS,so i sign up on “free-trial”,did i get your meaning? if i did,what should i do next,as i don’t know how to contact support to enable the “Quiz - Cue Points” permission .

PS: I am the administrator of sakai in Jiangsu University in china,we use Kaltura CE for video managerment platform,but now we want to explore its new exciting features to stimulate students ’ interest ,such as quiz-on-video ,and kaltura is much-needed in chinese universities,so i want to try it and thanks a lot for your selfless help!