Kaltura live streaming profiles list broken?

Hi! I’ve installed kaltura-server 9.12.0 CE (and stable before that) into fresh CentosOS 6.5 instance. Installation closely followed instructions https://github.com/kaltura/platform-install-packages/blob/master/doc/install-kaltura-redhat-based.md as of today.

However, in both of those installations, /index.php/kmc/kmc4#account|transcoding UI does not allow to see Switch to live profiles mode, even though I checked all checkboxes in the Settings regarding live. When I click Switch to live profiles mode, Flash shows runnung clock cursor indefinitely.

Even if I failed to enable something somewhere, this looks as a bug.

Is there some other way to create live streaming profile or maybe better kmc swf, where listing/creating Live profiles functionality works?

I have nothing in the logs which would indicate any related problems, and it seems like after loading offending swf file there are no attempts to connect to our Kaltura CE server (all in one).


I had the same error you’re having, but I manually added a flavorParam and a conversionProfile using the “test console” from admin_console, and I got it working again.