Kaltura IOS play fine under 10 seg

I installed Kaltura 12 and have a problem with playing videos for iPhone. When I try to play a video, loads the player but continuous spin. If video trimer less than 10 seconds working properly. Some help?
Another issue I can not solve is the orientation of the video. always goes vertical …

Thank you very much to all


When the video is less than 10 seconds long, progressive playback is used since there’s no point in using adaptive bitrate algorithms for something that short. Hence the problem starts when trying to use a protocol that supports adaptive bitrate.
Please provide a URL to an embed code so I can look. Also, while trying to play and entry, please run:
# kaltlog
in the server’s shell as root and check for errors.

Thank you very much for your interest.
this is the link for example:

in kaltlog no error line for this.


Looking at the playManifest URL generated for this entry, even when viewing it from a laptop, I see the requested format is applehttp:

This shouldn’t be the format when playing from my device so something is off:)

Can you look at /opt/kaltura/app/configurations/base.ini and find the values for the below directives? the values I’m attaching are the default ones

; max duration in seconds
short_entries_max_duration = 300
short_entries_default_delivery_type = http
secured_default_delivery_type = http
default_delivery_type = http

So, you can see there are four related directives:
short_entries_max_duration defines the max video length that should be played with the format set for short_entries_default_delivery_type, other entries will either play using secured_default_delivery_type or default_delivery_type.

By default, for CE, since it is not mandatory to have a CDN that’s capable of playing with adaptive protocols, all values are set to ‘http’, i.e progressive download of the video.

CE also includes the kaltura-nginx package which is Nginx compiled with the Kaltura Nginx VOD module [https://github.com/kaltura/nginx-vod-module]. This enables you to serve the videos in DASH, HDS and HLS formats, without having to use an external CDN service that supports that.

This is documented here:

If you have kaltura-nginx correctly installed and set up, this should work well.

Please also run this query:
mysql> select * from kaltura.delivery_profile\G

Mask all sensitive info from the output and paste it here.

After getting this info, I’ll be able to further help you.


I understand the problem after further looking into it.
Please to to KMC->Studio->your player->plugins
under “UI variables”, please add:
disableHLSOnJs with the value true.

Then you should have playback.

Please let me know.

Hi again,

Pushed a fix for it but it may take a while until the update reaches your edge since we use CDN for the repos.
However, you can easily manually run:

# mysql -h$DB1_HOST -u$DB1_USER -p$DB1_PASS $DB1_NAME
mysql> update delivery_profile set is_default =0 where id=1;

which wil fix it.

Hi Jess
Now it works perfect
Thank you very much!

Great @tomasguirao and thanks for reporting.