Kaltura inbuilt video streaming capabilities for HDS/HLS

Does Kaltura CE provides inbuilt HLS/HDS streaming capabilities?
Or we need to install third-party tools like, Wowza?

On my Kaltura CE 10 single server setup I am not able to stream HLS streams, when I request for HLS stream from Kaltura Android SDK client, I only get Master M3U8 file, but I am not able to get TS segments.

So do I need to install any third-party tool that will convert video files to M3U8 and TS segments and also deliver it to client OR Kaltura has this capability inbuilt?


For live streaming, you will need Wowza.
We do however have:

which offers On-the-fly repackaging of MP4 files to DASH, HDS, HLS, MSS.
The package is called kaltura-nginx and is available in the CE repo.
For configuration options, please read the readme at https://github.com/kaltura/nginx-vod-module

Thanks jess for detail replay, It will help me in debugging issue that I am facing related to HLS, on my Kaltura CE 10 single server setup.
I am not able to do HLS streaming to Android Clients, I get Master M3U8 file but not able to retrieve Sub M3U8 and TS Segments.