Kaltura-front CPU usage with FFMPEG


I’m doing some testing with Kaltura 13.3. I have a web page that has 13 embedded players in it. The players embed OK, but I noticed the first time I rendered the page and pressed play on one of the videos, the video never started playback. Using the browser dev tools I noticed there were a number of requests that were outstanding to the front end servers.

The videos never played. Requests for m3u8 files or .ts files were never issued by the browser.

During this time, I checked CPU utilization on the specific front end server that was serving the requests. Overall load was very high and ffmpeg was consuming a considerable amount of CPU. Eventually this subsided.

I reloaded the page in question and now everything plays immediately as it should.

This leaves me a bit uneasy as I’m not sure what’s going on here. I’d like to figure out what may have been the issue but it doesn’t seem that I can readily reproduce it. I’m not sure as to what to look for in log files either.

What could have FFMPEG been doing on the front end servers in this scenario? Are there cached items I might be able to remove as to reproduce the issue and see if it’s just a resource constraint on the front end?

I apologize if this is vague. The issue is sort of odd. I’d be happy to supply more information if it would help.