Kaltura Flavor ID / Static URL


Is it possible to make static URL, (Last URL) that kaltura is accessing to play the video,
Example: https://domain/p/107/sp/10700/playManifest/entryId/0_3i66s69i/format/url/protocol/https

So we wont neet to specify Flavod Id in URL?


Is it posible to set our own prefix for Flavor ID / Video ID?

Hi @interhost ,

You don’t have to explicitly pass the flavour ID param in order to obtain a manifest (HLS is the default). You do have to pass an entry ID, of course.
For more info about the playManifest API service, see https://developer.kaltura.com/api-docs/Deliver-and-Distribute-Media/playManifest-streaming-api.html

Hello Jess,

We need the final video URL without redirection, we have only one default flavor.
we need to retrieve the final video url without relying on the redirection

Hi @interhost ,

You mean you want the raw video file? If so, you can use flavorasset.getDownloadUrl, see https://developer.kaltura.com/console/service/flavorAsset/action/getDownloadUrl.

How to get the remote storage synced “Kaltura Path” of the video file?

HI @interhost ,

Please see here: Media entry folder - #3 by jess