Kaltura Exception - Must filter on object id


I have an application where I get a bunch of items ( using media Service I get a KalturaMediaListResponse ) . Now what I want to do is get the metadata for each of these items.
So I start a metadata Service and I use a metadataFilter and metadataPager.
The problem is that it needs to explicitly declare a metadataFilter.objectIdEqual or metadataFilter.objectIdIn otherwise I get the Exception :

Must filter on object id

I cant understand if its something wrong from my side or from the library ( i’m using the latest version of KalturaClient for Android ).

One more thing I dont get is : if it really needs to define the object id for the filter then why it returns a List response : ( KalturaMetadataListResponse ) . Shouldn’t that have been just a KalturaMetadata item ?
Or is there a way to give a value to metadataFilter.objectIdEqual filter field that can return a range of items ?

Thank you


You can see sample code that shows how to work with the metadata API here:
This system currently generates code in PHP, JS, NodeJS and Ruby but the idea is the same for Java as well.

If after going through that, you still have questions, please share your code here and I’ll be happy to assist.

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