Kaltura elgg plugin setting issue

i am using kaltura ce server and setup done and work fine.
now i have used elgg 1.8 Simple Kaltura plugin and need to fill setting.
so in that given below one setting parameter name . so not get idea from where to i get that uiConfId i have already try to find other uiCOnfId only remain this one,

KSU uiConfId
See: http://knowledge.kaltura.com/kaltura-simple-uploader-ksu-website-integration-guide

Hello @dipen_patel,

I’m not familiar with this particular plugin but I believe what you need to provide is the UI conf ID for the upload widget.
You can get that by running:
mysql> select id from kaltura.ui_conf where name=‘kupload 1.0.7’ and partner_id=0;