Kaltura DropFolder Using AWS S3

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Can you please guide us as how to create Kaltura DropFolder with AWS S3 storage?



In admin console, under the partners tab, select ‘Drop Folders’ on your partner’s row, under the profiles column.
Then select ‘Remote SFTP’ as type and input your creds.

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Thank You for the prompt reply, you are always a life saver.
Can you please guide us also as what all values needs to be given in SFTP configuration for AWS S3?

Ingestion Settings:

  1. Conversion Profile ID
  • 18 - Passthrough
  • 19 - Default

Local Storage Folder Location

  • Drop Folder Batch Jobs Datacenter Location:
  • Drop Folder Storage Path:

SFTP settings

  • Host: (how to get the Hostname of S3 bucket?)
  • Port:
  • Username:
  • Password:

Do we require SSH Public Key and SSH Private Key?

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Any Suggestion?


You can set conversion profile ID to default.
Datacenter location - set to 0
You can use user and password to connect over SFTP but I would recommend using keys.
Host should appear in your Amazon console.

Hi Jess,

I had word with AWS support team and they said, S3 does not support FTP/SFTP.
Kindly suggest what needs to be done?


You will need to install an SFTP server and mount the S3 volume on top of that.
Here is a longer explanation about how to do so:

Let me know if you need further assistance,

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Thanks for your suggestion :+1:

Surething, happy to help:)

Hi Jess,

Is there any API or method from which we can identify the name/id of drop folder is used for the uploaded videos files?


I am afraid not. This info is not kept on the entry itself.
You might be able to look it up using the admin console->batch process control but I’m not sure.
If you use an XML with bulk upload, you could just add a tag indicating that however.

Or a custom metadata…

Hi Jess,

Thanks for the suggestion.
Can you please suggest as how I can use Drop Folder with XML


Take a look at: