Kaltura crashes

hi jess thanks for the response. so if kaltura crashes with all my files in its databases and a reinstalled is needed. or i desides to to use kaltura anymore what can i do to identify my files when kaltura had rename them all.

should i continue using kaltura. i need a way if kaltura interface crahes and it does to access the files with the source name. please jess guys any help.


I already explained how to locate the paths in which the different flavours for your entry are kept in this post:

As I also explained in several other replies to you, you need to look at the logs and attach actual log messages if you expect me to help you solve issues, saying “Kaltura crushes” will not advance the troubleshooting in any way, I’m afraid.


hi jess understood

but i am not working with flavours. i am just uploading source. i am not letting kaltura convert. all my files are converted before kaltura upload.

i am just trying to avoid kaltura from renaming my source files. i would like to browse the entry folder and see my source filename but kaltura renames it making hard to determine which files are which. i need to browse the entry folder on the local drive and see my original file name. can this happen if so how. how do i stop kaltura from renaming files.