Kaltura Community Edition V 5 has been Setup but i got the partner ID : -2 unable to integrate Kaltura with Sakai LMS

Hi All,

I have been setup kaltura in my local machine and I am able to access the Kaltura application by using my private IP (Eg:

While integrating it with SAKAI LMS i got the error like " The Media Gallery is not enabled. Your system administrator needs to enable it in the configuration "

We need add details of kaltura in one of the properties file of Sakai

Here is the my sakai.proerties file for integrating kaltura with sakai


my kaltura account partner id


my kaltura account admin secret key**

kaltura.adminsecret= e9cba8ac039d0ad4a443d699ac08e5652**

my kaltura account secret key


my kaltura server URL (Use https if your sakai server uses SSL)

kaltura.endpoint =


collections, can include html)



Is there any issue if partner ID is negative value
In my case partner ID is " -2 "

can any please help me resolve the issue


the -2 partner is the admin_console partner and should not be used for such integrations.
You need to create a regular partner, from the admin console, and use it for the integration.
Also, I hope the secrets you pasted here are not the actual secrets? if they are, please edit your post at once.