Kaltura - change file permissions in ../content/entry/data/0/0/

Kaltura save permissions for files generates at …/content/entry/data/0/0/… how 640 and I need change it for 644 because I need access in mode read by other users. Where could I change it?


This is done in the code and I wouldn’t recommend changing it manually either. You would also have to do it after each upgrade.
A far better way would be to add these users to the group. If they are in the group, since the group has read permissions, they will be able to read it.

The data is on an NFS disk and disk access as the user nfsnobody. So I need put read permissions to other users. Could you tell me which file or files would have to modify it?
I know that I will have to do this every time you update code.


Not sure I understand how the user who owns the data is nfsnobody. It should be owned by your Apache user or the batch user [kaltura] since these are the users that created the files there.
In which case, you should be able to add whatever users you want to the apache group.

In my case all directory content was move at NFS filesystem. I have in other server a streaming server (wowza) and it access at NFS filesystem as root but the NFS filesystem can´t access by user root and translate user at nfsnobody (root_squash). For that reason I need permissions 644 so that the user can access nfsnobody reading mode


I´ve changed file /opt/kaltura/app/alpha/apps/kaltura/lib/storage/kFileSyncUtils.class.php

@chmod($filePath, 0640); --> @chmod($filePath, 0644);

and it works.