Kaltura CE with 2 Million Assets?

what are the limits of Kaltura 10 in terms of quantity? Could the catalog handle 2 million assets?


Yes, provided you have enough storage space, there is no limitation to the amount of assets you can keep.

Thanks, Jess.
So there’S no real limitations from the mysql side, even with rich metadata like description, tags, 200 categories, 4 encoding flavors, etc? Any known performance bottlenecks or performance killers to look at?

Most welcome. No, so long as you have the space for it, and CPU power, you should be fine.
Our SaaS holds far more entries w/o a problem.
Naturally I would suggest a master slave configuration for redundancy reasons.
Also, if you work on a cloud you can scale instances by demand and later stop them.
You can see this article to get started on that:

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BTW, to learn more about our API, scaling options and automation of deployments and monitoring, please join us for this free webinar:

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Thanks, this sounds like something for my colleague Anton. I’ll pass this on.

Grand. Will be happy to see you or your colleagues there:) and feel free to share with anyone else who might be interested.