Kaltura CE to the 9.18.03 version

I m using Kaltura CE to the 9.18.03 version. I can not understand its feature. i m new here ,i want to know how to use it in our routine life.?

Welcome aboard @adriatomy!
In this KMC video course you can get a quick jump start with Kaltura through understanding the features of the Kaltura Management Console (KMC) .

For more knowledge, you can browse through the Knowledge Center and the Videos Portal.
You can also learn from other’s experiences and practices through the VOD sessions on Kaltura Connect - The Video Experience Conference VOD Site, the Kaltura On-Demand Webinars and through the Kaltura Video Summits VOD Site.

Please do share what your goals are and what you’d like to do with video. We’d be happy to guide your way through Kaltura.

thank u for the kind information

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