Kaltura CE migration from EE?

Hi all community!

I have a client with Kaltura EE and we’re exploring the possibilities to migrate to Kaltura CE inside our own infrastructure. I’m pretty sure it’s not feasible (At least maintaining the database and file system) without losing functionality, am i right?

Also they are using CaptureSpace and the Moodle plugin, are both available in the community releases?

Thanks for any guidance! Miguel

Hello Miguel,

By EE, do you mean your customer is using the Kaltura SaaS or OnPrem?
At any rate, the Moodle plugin requires KAF [Kaltura Application Framework] which is proprietary software and is not available with CE. CaptureSpace is also proprietary.
regardless of whether you use SaaS or the OnPrem Edition, all data can be exported and imported onto a CE instance but of course, the IDs for the various objects [partners, UI confs, entries, etc] will not be the same on the new system and thus, embed codes for the player from the previous system will no longer work.

SaaS :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your response, that’s what i thought, very helpful. It’s common that plugins and extras are only compatible with enterprise editions, it’s the key to maintain better support for integrations.