Kaltura CE + Drupal 7 - Live Stream Entry?

Hi folks,

This is really a question pertaining to the Kaltura module for Drupal, but I thought I’d start here in case I’m trying to do something that is not possible with Kaltura. Let me know if this is the wrong forum for this post…

I have a Kaltura-Drupal-Wowza install that is fully working. I can successfully add Kaltura photo/audio/video media from Drupal. I can live stream via Kaltura and Wowza. But what I can’t do is add the entry for a Kaltura live stream in Drupal. Live streams don’t appear in the list of possible items to import from Kaltura into Drupal. There’s no way to add Kaltura live streams in Drupal as far as I can see. My basic goal is to be able to add existing Kaltura live stream entries in Drupal pages. Ideally, I would also like to be able to create a Kaltura live stream entry from Drupal. Can anyone give me a push in the right direction on how to get this happening? Is it going to be a major API task or can it be somewhat easily done? Big thanks!

Excellent, I’ll give it a try. Thank you.