Kaltura CE: Distributing Content to another Kaltura CE or Repository

What would be the best way to have 2 separate kaltura installs distribute content from 1 to the other (1 way) or a repository system like fedora http://www.fedora-commons.org/.

Example use case would be a long term archive kept in a kaltura containing copies of every source media & its metadata uploaded to the other system.

Is there a way to do bulk scheduled exports of content & metadata and ideally update the kaltura medadata’s Reference ID to point to the URI?

There’s Kaltura to Kaltura distribution module that can achieve distribution between Kaltura accounts (even when the accounts are on different servers). Check it out in the Admin Console under Distribution Profiles.
You can explore the module code on GitHub too.

Thanks for the pointer. I didn’t know there was so many profiles available
While that code is on the server in /opt/kaltura/app/plugins/content_distribution/providers/cross_kaltura from the rpm installer, its not listed on the admin console as an available plugin.

Would you know of any documentation available for a newbie about enabling extra plugins like that as most I’ve found mention contacting the project manager for the paid version

Hi Michael,

Please go to ‘Publishers’ then in the row of your desired partner, under the actions column, select ‘configure’ and then check ‘Content Distribution Module’ - you should then see it.

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Hi Jess,
old thread, still useful, thanks!
The only problem I have that I can’t select anything from the “actions” dropdown. Where can I enable this? It just says “select action”.

Hello @jens1,

If you do not see the options under the Actions selectbox, it means the user you logged in with does not have the needed privileges to manage the partner in question. This can be adjusted by logging in with another Admin user (for example, the one created during the initial install process), navigating to Admin Console->Users->User->Action->Assign partners and editing the Partner Ids field.
You can set it to * if you wish to grant the user the ability to manage all partners or set it to the partner IDs you’d like the user in question to manage (can add multiple partners, using , as a delimiter).

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Hi @ZoharBabin,
I would like to know which steps I have to do to distribute content via distribution profile between two separated Kaltura accounts? Do you have any experiences?

Hi @jess,
Can you give me support for setting up the distribution profile for content share between separated Kaltura publisher accounts? Or is there any documentation available?


Hello @Emily,

See my response here: Distribution of content between separated Kaltura plublisher accounts in CE