Kaltura CE Digital Ocean Nginx installation error on Ubuntu 16.04

We have succesfully installed Kaltura CE on an Ubuntu 16.04 local server. We recorded all the steps we followed to achieve the proper installation, based on the instructions found at your Github repository.

We used exactly the same steps to install and configure Kaltura CE on a Digital Ocean droplet created also with Unbuntu 16.04, but we keep receiving the following Nginx installation error, and thus, the user admin doesn’t work at the end of the whole process


Here you can see the video of the installation steps we followed in both cases

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hello @jaguardigital,

I’m unable to access the video link but in all likelihood, this has to do with insufficient RAM.
First, check the Nginx error log - /opt/kaltura/log/nginx/kaltura_nginx_errors.log
Secondly, what’s the output of:

# free -m

Lastly, run:

# journalctl  -xn --no-pager

Your output above is truncated (or, to put more accurately, it is wrapped) due to the use of a pager, which is the default when calling journalctl.

Hi Jess

Thanks for your quick reply, here are the results of the # free-m command and # journalctl -xn --no-pager

It seems it’s a memory problem, as you said before. What’s the mimimum amount of RAM we need for installation?


Hi @jaguardigital,

At the bare minimum and for testing purposes you should have 2G of RAM. Naturally, on Production it would vary, based on your load and the number of machines you have.

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