Kaltura CE change uploaded videos and transcoding videos path/location

Hi Guys,

I have installed Kaltura CE 4 days before on ubuntu 16.04 and all is working smooth.

By default Kaltura CE is installed in the root/opt (partition/directory) and the same partition is being used by my operating system Ubuntu 16.04, and this partition having less space than required actual space.

My another directory/partition which is “/home” have terabyte of space where I want to save my uploaded videos and after transcoding I want them to be saved inside “/home/kaltura” so they can be staying in good space partition.

I have tried to achieve this by enabling “Remote Storage” and during configure, i selected local storage and inside “Storage Base Directory:” i have given path “/home/kaltura” but I think Kaltura CE is not saving transcoded files inside my mentioned path.

Kindly help and guide that how can I change uploaded videos and transcoded videos files path/location please?

Hi @alikharl,

Even when setting up a remote storage profile, the files still need to first be saved under the /opt/kaltura/web dir [which, in cluster mode should be a shared volume, typically mounted over NFS] so that they can be manipulated [transcoding, thumbnail taking, etc].

While the /opt/kaltura/web default can be changed by modifying the value for several directives in the config files under /opt/kaltura/app/configurations, I’d advise against that.
/opt/kaltura/web is also set in several columns in MySQL DB so, even if you were to change the config files, you’d still have to run additional SQL update statements. The whole process is rather error prone and not worth it.

A far simpler solution would be to move the entire /opt/kaltura/web dir [or at least the /opt/kaltura/web/content dir which takes up the most space] to the other partition [/home in your case] and make /opt/kaltura/web a symlink pointing to the new location or, better yet, select a partition with enough space and export it as an NFS volume which you can then mount under /opt/kaltura/web.
This needs to be done anyhow when operating a cluster and doing so now will enable you to add more Kaltura Server nodes as you grow.
Of course, if you go with NFS, the volume doesn’t have to reside on the local disk on the CE server.

For setting up NFS, see:

IMPORTANT NOTE: when moving/copying the files from /opt/kaltura/web to a different partition/volume, be sure to preserve their original permissions, otherwise, many core operations will fail.

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