Kaltura CE 9.19.7 released

Hello all,

The latest version is now available.

Core changelog:

  • SUP-2768 - Recorded copy of Live Entry stream doesn’t retain custom metadata
  • SUP-3144 - Manifest delivery returns HTTP 500 code - Es3
  • PLAT-1952 - Using CloudTranscode transcoding profile - recording entry of live entry shorter than original live entry (in ~11 seconds)
  • PLAT-2021 - Read permissions for Delivery profiles
  • PLAT-2078 - First Entry of the Playlist does not appear as First entry on related video card
  • PLAT-889 - Support RTP and RTSP Wowza GoCoder ingest
  • SUP-2935 - Remove Kaltura from being automatically added to the whitelisted domains
  • PLAT-2069 - Add sub type for thumb cue point
  • PLAT-1735 - Security checks missing in flavorAsset.getDownloadUrl
  • PLAT-1965 - preventing useless AsyncDelete jobs creation
  • SUP-2767 - The peak usage Summary usage totals are wrong in Multiacct Admin
  • PLAT-934 - Bulk-download job stuck if no source or source not ‘ready’ & no conversion
  • PLAT-1973 - search media by user first name, last name, screen name

HTML5 player changelog:

  • SUP-2939 - Request cookies are missing in header

  • SUP-2423 - Thumbnail in full screen looks bad due to resize

  • SUP-2429 - V2 player, maximize/minimize full screen pause issue

  • SUP-2808 - Set max # of clips for V2 playlist player via UIVar

  • SUP-2926 - Video overlays ads when using “Share”

  • SUP-3044 - Vast overlay ads issue

  • FEC-1012 - Player v2: Playlist component support

  • FEC-1837 - Add disable mouse hover controls during ad playback controls

  • SUP-2317 - Preferred downloaded flavor for download button doesn’t persist from V1 to V2

  • SUP-2549 - V2 player stuck when “adBlock” is enabled | VAST plugin

  • SUP-2802 - Download specific flavor v2 player

  • SUP-2833 - Enable initial playlist player poster and disable between videos

  • SUP-3038 - autoMute flashvar doesn’t always work

  • SUP-2841 - V2 LiveRail Countdown Timer Non-Functiona

  • SUP-2549 - V2 player stuck when “adBlock” is enabled | VAST plugin

To upgrade, please follow:

Or, if running a cluster:

As always, your feedback is welcome,