Kaltura CE 15.17.0 released

Hello all,

The latest version is now available.

kaltura-base (15.17.0) changelog:

kaltura-html5lib (2.81) changelog:

KMS-20534 - [PLAYER] An error is received after using the continue button from a reflection point inside any Quiz Entry that its unanswered
FEC-9593 - Incorrect video size in player containing bumper/Ad
SUP-18260 - [IVQ] Change rotation text in player
FEC-9626 - Ad adCuePoints do not work with Cust_Parms
SUP-20644 - No captions/transcript on iPhone when EmbedPlayer.WebKitPlaysInline = True
SUP-20341 - Real time analytics showing incorrect entry in the list.
FEC-9424 - The player does not load and for the load process not to be counted as buffering
PLAT-9400 - KalturaAPIException spam in kaltura_api_v3.log
PATH-501 - [Design-System-Label Hints] Zooming in will display the ‘Hint Content’ at the bottom of the page
FEV-475 - I as User want to view the time it took to download the video segments
FEV-473 - Support networkConnectionType in event 99
FEV-304 - Send UUID with analytics events
FEC-398 - Flavour selector is disabled for a short time (about 30 seconds) while changing between flavours
FEV-466 - [Caliper] Player - send Quiz caliper events

To upgrade, please follow:

RPM based:

Deb based:

Or, if running a cluster:

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