Kaltura CE 12.9.0 :: BUG Report

I notice that each time I completed an upgrade to the system it updates all the player version. After the update was completed I manually rolled back each of my live stream players to legacy v2.46 HTML5 Player. However, even after I set the system to not automatically update each play by unchecking and saving the auto update feature, the system still updated those players automatically.

These specific player need to always stay legacy to allow the live streams to work until, a solution is implemented to allow the live streams to work with third party solutions like Wowza. As I am not currently able to get my Live streams to work with Ngnix yet. As mention previously.

It should just either skip the update or leave the update button enable for those players if administrator does not which to update those players. Ideal option would be to have an option to ignore upgrades for those specific players.

Hi @hiphopservers,

Yes, the mechanism that auto upgrades the player was put in place before Studio implemented the feature allowing you to choose whether to upgrade or not.
However, for CE, we do not really wish to support staying on older player versions. For one thing, it makes the kaltura-html5lib huge and for another, it makes the support matrix too big.

What exactly is the issue with using the latest HTML5 player [v2.52] with Wowza? Wowza is utilised for Live Streaming on our SaaS and works well with the latest HTML5 player.

Hello @jess

The specific issue that I have when I Well when I attempt to play live streams using any release of the HTML5 player above v2.46 does not work on the following browsers using my iOS or Windows ENV.

Firefox v51.0.1 (64-bit)
Chrome v56.0.2924.87 (64-bit)
Opera v41.0.2353.56

I am running Mac OS X 10.11.6 64-bit and a clone verison of Windows 10. This relates specifically to the fact that in these specific browsers when access from a non-mobile device do not playback specifically live streams ingested by Kaltura CE from anything other than NGINX. My configuration uses the latest version of Wowza Streaming Engine v4.6.0 this is likely an issue with the player passing a flash based live video stream rather than an HTML5 compliant version to the listed browsers.

My thought is to the new player is still passing the FLASH HDS URL from the Wowza configured URL for the live streams in the content listed. Since there was no instructions on what Wowza URL to substitute for the FLASH default HDS URL ‘manifest.f4m’ for when configuring the LIVE stream in Kaltura CE. My guess is since FLASH is still acceptable in the caption browsers the new HTML5 player is attempting to pass the FLASH based feed through the HTML5 compliant player this is causing the errors. Instead of playing the HDS stream the Kaltura CE player keeps spinning.

Please note I tried removing the HDS URL from the configuration to see if the player would revert to the available feed only and the player still did not work . This means the player regardless of the version is looking to serve FLASH based streams to FLASH enable browsers rather than the HTML5 compliant content.

So I am clear if I use the caption browsers via a mobile device the stream works fine but when I use any of them via a desktop the stream does not work in the new player. Since Safari rejects FLASH it has no issue playing back the LIVE streams via the new version of the player.