Kaltura CE 12.8.0 released

Hello all,

The latest version is now available.

kaltura-base (12.8.0) changelog:

  • PLAT-6650 - New X265/HEVC support
  • PLAT-5801 - Design batch optimiztion
  • PLAT-6543 - Scheduling - validate resourceEvent is not already allocated at a specific time
  • PLAT-6666 - When changing entry UserId change the owner also on the childs.
  • PLAT-6668 - When changing entry.entitledUsersEdit/Publish, make the same changes on the child entries
  • PLAT-6708 - At rest encryption fails with transcoding operators

kaltura-nginx (1.10.2) changelog:

  • nginx-vod-module version 1.12, compiled against ffmepg 3.2

To upgrade, please follow:

RPM based:

Deb based:

Or, if running a cluster:

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