Kaltura CE 12.4.0 | Bug Report



It took me some time to read up on Docker and how to use it properly. Per your request I have made a Docker container of my current Prod. ENV and provided you a link in your private inbox as requested. I will review the ffmpeg configuration information on my other system with ffmpeg install, which I will note returned a different error then the Kaltura CE version of the ffmpeg installation. My guess is if I find the differences in the the configurations settings and add the missing configurations to each system the encoding command will work without the errors.

Specifically, the Timestamps error does not show on my non-Kaltura system but the error related to opening the stream on that system does not appear on the Kaltura CE system. I will work on this from my end and update you with my progress as you attempt recreate the issues on your end to find a solution.


Hi @hiphopservers,

Got your private message, thanks.
I’ll try to get to it later today but either way, I promise to look into it this week.
Will let you know.



Have you had any progress?


Hi @hiphopservers,

I sent you a private message but I guess you didn’t get it.
I downloaded the Docker image from the link you supplied but it’s just a vanilla CentOS 6.9 image as far as I can tell…
I don’t see that any of the Kaltura packages are installed, certainly not kaltura-nginx and no Nginx configuration either.
Please repackage and make sure after running:

# docker load < hiphopsv_tig03_centos69.tar
docker run  -i -t $IMAGE_ID  /bin/sh

The container actually has your ENV in it.



Did you get my direct message regarding creating a new docker tar you request? I have not seen any DMs from you in response to the message. Previously, you mention your sent messages and I have not gotten them, just check if this is the case again.



Hi @hiphopservers,

Got it and just replied.



I have also respond to your message with an update on this issue.


I have move this discussion to a new thread.