Kaltura CE 12.16.0 released

Hello all,

The latest version is now available.

kaltura-base (12.16.0) changelog:

kaltura-html5lib (v2.56) changelog:

  • SUP-10592 - Quiz automatically replays after submitting
  • FEC-6581 - Prevent circular dependency on OTT change media
  • SUP-10774 - Live-indicator doesn’t get back when changeMedia is used
  • SUP-10856 - Player defaults to progressive download on android
  • SUP-10892 - Double flavor source listed on player quality settings icon
  • SUP-10835 - Player 360° - Canvas Overlay on IE11
  • SUP-10896 - Double Captions with dash.js
  • SUP-9742 - Player icons sometimes not loaded
  • FEC-6600 - 360 - midroll is covered
  • FEC-6552 - youbora - the “code” property should be unique and consistent for each event for each playlist entry
  • FEC-6563 - youbora - when playing playlist , the specified bitrate in first ping event contains the bitrate from previous played entry
  • FEC-6599 - Live with multiple audio|DVR|Safari|After pause/resume or jump to live, switches to primary language
  • FEC-6598 - Live with multiple audio|DVR|Safari|After pause/resume, playback jumps to “live” automatically
  • SUP-10991 - Subtitles not behaving as expected
  • SUP-10985 - Disney - cc menu doesn’t appear on Safari (Desktop) for CAP files
  • FEC-6619 - Default embedded subtitle not selected automatically
  • FEC-6597 - CVAA styling doesn’t get applied to embedded captions
  • TAG-3069
  • TAG-3071
  • Add an option to not auto-continue the quiz after submission.
  • Pass async boolean value correctly to tvpapiRequest service
  • Rapt Media V1
  • Youbora reporting fixes
  • roll back comscore to 2.54

kaltura-nginx (1.12.0) changelog:

  • New VOD module [1.17]:
    * Support multiple -s params
    * Add a sample dash/clear key implementation
    * Add support for utf16le srt

To upgrade, please follow:

RPM based:

Deb based:

Or, if running a cluster:

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