Kaltura CE 11.6.0 released

Hello all,

The latest version is now available.

Core changelog:

  • PLAT-2443 - eCDN: cache Webcast’s thumbAssets with KES
  • PLAT-4828 - eCDN: AccessControlProfile rules are limited (50)
  • PLAT-4433 - Facebook authentication for Distribution Connector
  • PLAT-4434 - Facebook Distribution Configuration
  • PLAT-4435 - Distribute content metadata to Facebook
  • PLAT-4436 - Video distribution to Facebook
  • PLAT-4438 - Distribution of thumbnails to Facebook
  • PLAT-4613 - Sometimes, ADV is not played, due to delay between live flavors(also occurs on WN entry).
  • PLAT-4940 - ADV is not played after restart FMLE/Wowza over time.
  • PLAT-4960 - Multiple stream watchers are started for the same rendition

HTML5lib changelog:

  • FEC-4308 - Player mobile skin
  • FEC-4512 - Mobile Skin - Long Title is cut on portrait mode
  • FEC-4511 - Mobile skin - Related videos shows settings icon on video while one entry has AC free preview
  • FEC-4488 - Mobile Skin - Player is disoriented on iPhone while using native menu of iphone
  • FEC-4524 - Webcast NO DVR- player freeze for 10 sec when
  • FEC-3608 - Related Videos - Videos are cut after closing and reing Related plugin
  • FEC-4525 - webcast (NO DVR) slide sync - slides arrived 15-20 second earlier
  • FEC-4454 - webcast with no DVR - slides don’t change on IE browser
  • FEC-4453 - webcast - future slides appear in the slide menu
  • TR-552 - CaaS widgets with playlist - On iOS thumbnail is out of alignment
  • FEC-4550 - Mobile skin: moderation text outstanding from the box area
  • FEC-4547 - Customized info: no close button appears for Info screen
  • FEC-4510 - Mobile Skin - custom style brakes player on mobile
  • SUP-6115 - Apple Voice over not working with thumbnail emebd
  • SUP-6782 - inquiry as to mobile thumbnail embed - number of clicks to start a video
  • FEC-4555 - Mobile Skin - Related video: replay button disabled after an entry finished
  • FEC-4552 - Mobile Skin - Related videos - Play Button and spinner is shown at same time
  • FEC-4549 - Mobile Skin - Overly is shown on control bar
  • FEC-4544 - Mobile Skin - OTT skin in fullscreen mode shows control bar cut
  • FEC-4538 - Mobile Skin - Playhead is not shown on the beginning of a progress bar
  • FEC-4540 - Mobile Skin - HLS server side rate selector has wrong default value
  • FEC-4535 - Mobile skin - control bar is cut after using native mobiles select box ( captions/Moderation)
  • FEC-4543 - Mobile Skin - disables large play button while player has an auto loop
  • FEC-4539 - Mobile Skin - When player has custom style smart containers are shown even if you don’t have plugins in a player
  • FEC-4542 - Info plugin: The info data doesn’t re-sized in full screen mode
  • FEC-3608 - Related Videos - Videos are cut after closing and reing Related plugin
  • PLAT-4866 - webcast -last 10 sec of video is missing from the live event .
  • FEC-4455 - ID3 tag sync - changing slides less than three seconds cause that the second slide don’t appear
  • FEC-4573 - DRM playback: after refreshing test page ,the replay doesn’t works properly on FF
  • FEC-4575 - Mobile Skin: Clicking on play button disables share (share was ed before)
  • FEC-4465 - High cpu usage when there are many slides (>30)
  • FEC-4456 - HLS OSMF - the spinner appears during DVR playing if to stop and re-run Kaltura stream
  • FEC-4459 - HLS OSMF - take around 10-12 seconds to switch from DVR to Kaltura Live
  • FEC-4462 - HLS OSMF - Seek in Kaltura DVR take more time than in previous player version
  • FEC-4458 - HLS OSMF - Kaltura Live with DVR loaded with 40-50 seconds of delay
  • FEC-4567 - Regression: Kaltura Live without DVR stuck at beginning for 10-15 second
  • WEBC-632 - Use the creation time for answer-on-air instead of relative time
  • FEC-4460 - HLS OSMF - the Kaltura live’s time isn’t synchronized with the timer - 1 minute difference
  • FEC-4457 - HLS OSMF - After Kaltura Live stopped, the DVR started from 1 minute
  • FEC-4452 - HLS OSMF - the DVR timer of the Kaltura live stopped to update after several seconds
  • FEC-4451 - HLS OSMF - the timer for Kaltura live isn’t updated
  • FEC-4582 - Playlist with moderation: if select other entry during moderation screen ed ,the video blurred
  • FEC-4536 - Mobile Skin - Multi streams box is located in center of a player
  • FEC-4596 - Regression: empty playlist in full screen mode displayed on the half of the screen
  • WEBC-644 - webcast embed - cancel button isn’t in the right place (and fonts are wrong)
  • FEC-4471 - HLS OSMF - external stream (WhetherNation) stuck during manual throttling
  • FEC-4581 - It takes too long to start playing live (HLS)
  • FEC-4594 - HLS OSMF - Kaltura Live without DVR and VOD periodically stuck for 2-3 seconds during throttling
  • FEC-4612 - mac/iPad - after preforming stop/start in the encoder the video doesn’t return until refresh the page
  • FEC-4611 - embed webcast - the message on the player when on off air mode is cut due to QnA
  • KMS-9595 - In Video Quizzes: Seek to the end of video via end button is not working in HDS (playhead continue to play and cue-points are not pop-upped)
  • SUP-6931 - Support for inlineScripting RESOLVED
  • KMS-9632 - In Video Quizzes: General: Skip for now is hidden in case of showing question when plugin option list is ed
  • FEC-4615 - session Android and iOS
  • SUP-6773 - Kaltura player v2.36.2 - live stream with pre-roll ads mixed audio
  • KMS-9871 - In Video Quizzes: Player puts different questions on the same cue-point after seek from pause (causes to add few questions in one cuepoint)(youtube entry)
  • FEC-4645 - Hidden Playlist - Next/Previous buttons not display during video playing on iPad
  • FEC-4638 - Vertical responsive playlist distorted after the browser resized
  • FEC-4636 - Lecture capture: Duration time works for first chapter only
  • FEC-4630 - Share&Embed and LC - Share screen is unexpectedly when player stared to play on Android
  • FEC-4352 - CaptureSpace - scrubber does not move and spinner stuck on the player (MAC only)
  • FEC-4669 - double play on native component READY FOR MERGE
  • FEC-4612 - mac/iPad - after preforming stop/start in the encoder the video doesn’t return until refresh the page
  • SUP-6647 - alert-container text overflows
  • FEC-4664 - webcast iPad/ mac - slides doesn’t appear in the menu slides
  • FEC-4580 - Enhanced Advertising > Content playback flow for web READY FOR DEV
  • SUP-6765 - Player does not end playback properly
  • SUP-6906 - Cursor remains hidden after exiting fullscreen
  • FEC-4660 - webcast on mac / ipad - after stop start the slides doesn’t change
  • SUP-6442 - Playlist player overflow in IPHONE 6+
  • SUP-6927 - Audio thumbnail display issues.
  • SUP-6143 - Player v2.35 - Icons Display
  • FEC-4657 - Player seeks when changing audio stream
  • FEC-4666 - autoplay doesn’t work after switching media
  • FEC-4432 - [Android] Add support for offline playback in mobile
  • FEC-4682 - Regression - dfp overly is shown on wrong place on Android 6.0
  • OSMF-HLS plugin Buffers Refactor

kaltura-nginx VOD module changelog:

  • decryption
  • vod to live
  • use standard nginx upstreams
  • OpenSSL detection during configure

Install scripts changelog:

  • Support Nginx SSL config

To upgrade, please follow:
RPM based:

Deb based:

Or, if running a cluster:

As always, your feedback is welcomed,

Hello, issue with Facebook sharing on 11.6 CE. Playback shows a black screen. Browser Console shows the following error:

Refused to connect to ‘https://player.HIDDEN/p/105/sp/10500/serveFlavor/entryId/0_298xylho/v/2/flavorId/0_6ls4fut5/forceproxy/true/name/a.mp4’ because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: “connect-src *.facebook.com .fbcdn.net .facebook.net .spotilocal.com: .akamaihd.net wss://.facebook.com: https://fb.scanandcleanlocal.com: *.atlassolutions.com attachment.fbsbx.com blob:”.


Please see here: Issue with Facebook social network sharing on Video Player