Kaltura CE 11.19.0 released

Hello all,

The latest version is now available.

Core changelog:

  • SUP-8470 - Thumbnail Preview Displayed Direction
  • SUP-7683 - API calls failing (Limited to metadata->update)
  • PLAT-5725 - Add user-role CAPTURE_DEVICE_ROLE to partner 0
  • PLAT-5326 - As a Kaltura platform developer, I’d like to set an entry template on an event

Kaltura HTML5lib:

  • FEC-5792 - Mobile skin - Regression - captions is shown in both smart containers
  • FEC-5792 - Mobile skin - Regression - captions is shown in both smart containers
  • FEC-5791 - Mobile skin - custom style - plugin’s name in smart container
  • FEC-5790 - Mobile skin - Custom spinner is not shown on mobiles
  • FEC-5768 - Native Android - Player with OTT skin is shown with big icons and not in their location
  • FEM-592 - screen flashes when control bar appears and disappears or when clicking play button to replay playback
  • FEM-595 - flavour selector icon is displayed on the playing video
  • FEC-4618 - DFP pre-roll : Ad new page is not opened upon clicking on Ad in Android
  • FEC-5777 - Mobile skin :Switch caption button is not presented
  • FEC-5787 - Mobile skin - Playhead is too big when player has custom style
  • FEC-5775 - Player flag button - flag menu is cut on horizontal display
  • FEC-5723 - Native iOS - Incorrect end time of video while dragging till the end
  • FEC-5737 - Watermark overlaps on the control bar on Lenovo Yoga tab
  • FEC-5740 - Mobile skin - Unable to continue the AD, after you back from DFP’s site
  • FEC-5727 - Native iOS - Duration is shown at left top side when you click on any plugin
  • FEC-5734 - Native iOS - Plugins in smart container are shown cut
  • FEC-5730 - Native iOS – Unable to Copy player URL from Share plugin on iPhone
  • FEC-5767 - Mobile skin :Back button in the incorrect place

To upgrade, please follow:
RPM based:

Deb based:

Or, if running a cluster:

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