Kaltura CE 11.16.0 released

Hello all,

The latest version is now available.

Core changelog:

  • PLAT-4620 - Support delete on MediaPrep
  • PLAT-5408 - VNPT tokenizer
  • PLAT-5369 - Change default pre fetch time to be a configurable value
  • PLAT-4961 - Support passthrough as part of Slating Epic
  • PLAT-4962 - Support return to defined entry as part of Slating development
  • PLAT-5295 - Live/DVR & Play manifest use register to caluclate playmanifest response
  • PLAT-5357 - Change RTMP url to contain all information on DNS
  • SUP-8280 - YouTube API - Distribution error due to duplicate distribute
  • SUP-7828 - Can’t distribute when description use HTML tags
  • PLAT-5543 - Searching codeCue points with metadatSearch condition is not working
  • PLAT-5264 - ADVs are not played(SyntaxError: Unexpected token @).

HTML5 changelog:

  • FEC-5518 - Expose PTS in HLS JS player
  • SUP-8167
  • FEC-5503 - Add support for Related Plugin
  • SUP-7515
  • SUP-6103
  • FEC-5419 - Buffer, interruption,
  • FEC-5549 - MultiAudioTracks: Select audio button disabled on Edge browser
  • FEC-5548 - Add ability to pass captions array via external captions event
  • FEM-460 - Handle Kaltura.OverrideLicneseURL in MobileSDK/EmbedPlayerNativeComponent
  • FEC-484 - Version Tag
  • FEC-5457 - expose new event for external full screen
  • FEC-5395 - hlsjs- heartbeat: trackSessionStart event not reported when playing kaltura live with dvr
  • FEC-5567 - uDRM:WVCENC:Video is stuck with wrong current time instead of playing after performing seek from the end of video to beginning
  • SUP-7410
  • FEC-5569 - uDRM: Rate selector is not working
  • FEC-5573 - Add ‘ setKDPAttribute’ support for ‘visible’ property in controlBarContainer and topBarContainer
  • FEC-5575 - Setting DASH source multiple times while in init state crashes playback
  • FEM-385 - Android | Native sdk | Multi audio/Captions support
  • FEC-3682 - live HLS: Each time player buffers, the latency increases
  • FEM-514 - Fix Undefined index in mweApiGetLicenseData.php
  • SUP-7804
  • FEC-5282 - Mobile Skin Portrait Mode
  • FEC-5595 - Monetization: Vast (ID:12): Video does not resume from the 15th second after ad is finished playing
  • FEC-5583 - Lecture capture (ID:42) -Audio/Video doesn’t start playing on clicking Slide/Chapter’
  • FEC-5580 - Webvtt: “Loading text” is shown at left upper side of a player, when switching between languages
  • FEC-5576 - webvtt: gap is shown instead to show the cue at most right side of a player
  • FEC-5574 - webvtt: cue text tag is not working
  • FEC-5556 - closedCaptions - redundant div is created in the DOM per each language
  • FEC-5599 - HTML player not switching DRM videos
  • WEBC-691 - As a producer I’d like to upload a slide deck via the webcasting application
  • FEC-1246 - Create per-user agent top level css classes
  • FEC-5601 - HLS JS: Lecture Capture: Video starts from the beginning after changing stream
  • FEC-5604 - changing the volume manually from x to 0, and click unmute, doesn’t do anything
  • FEC-5611 - Multiple Playlist: Monetization (ID:10) - Overlay Ad duration is not 5 seconds
  • FEC-5602 - hlsjs: playlist with dfp - playback get stuck when playback switches from first to second entry
  • SUP-8326
  • SUP-8313
  • updated resources page linking to VPASS
  • fix xss
  • Fix IOS resume playback after midroll ad
  • Fix support for HLS AES as DRM source
  • Update DASH everywhere package to v4.1.1
  • updated Chromecast application ID in all test pages
  • Add captions force webVTT flag for kaltura API on-the-fly generated webvtt captions

To upgrade, please follow:
RPM based:

Deb based:

Or, if running a cluster:

As always, your feedback is welcomed,

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