Kaltura CE 10.8.0 released

Hello all,

The latest version is now available.

Core changelog:

  • PLAT-2550 - owner of an entry should be able to update entitledUsersEdit & entitledUsersPublish
  • PLAT-2542 - kFileSyncUtils::moveFromFile crashes on “object already exists”
  • PLAT-2536 - Request of max available flavorIds or flavorParamIds gets 404
  • PLAT-2601 - Enable retry for Webex imports

KMC changelog:

  • SUP-3963 - Issue with Date time field in the Video Metadata
  • SUP-4105 - Error is thrown when accessing upload center
  • SUP-4009 - Unable to change account owner
  • PLAT-2608 - Link to live analytics exits on content tab when user dont have permissions to analytics

HTML5lib changelog:

  • SUP-3340 - Live stream freezes for a few seconds when streaming with KRecord
  • SUP-4096 - [2.27.1] document.onclick is kept even after player is gone
  • SUP-3793 - No video playing
  • SUP-4018 - Thumbnail isn’t Displayed in Audio Playlist
  • SUP-3984 - [2.28-rc8] Previous captions elements not removed from upon changeMedia
  • SUP-3944 - [2.27.1] EmbedPlayerYouTube fails with an exception
  • SUP-4137 - v2.28 broken hotkey functionality (End Key)
  • SUP-4119 - Handle hidden iframe player loading and display
  • SUP-4198 - [BankOfAmericaSaaS] Captions request is being blocked
  • SUP-3684 - Thumbnail at the end of a live stream
  • SUP-4189 - Kaltura Player versions greater than 2.22 don’t handle onTextData event data properly - Kaplan
  • SUP-4118 - issues with SpotXchange integration
  • SUP-3367 - V2 player fires 2~3 ‘doPlay’ events when using the related videos
  • SUP-3369 - Captions on live stream don’t show (manual live streaming)
  • SUP-3960 - Ad tag issue - KDP

To upgrade, please follow:

Or, if running a cluster:

As always, your feedback is welcomed,

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