Kaltura CE 10.21.0 released

Hello all,

The latest version is now available.

Core changelog:

kaltura-postinst changelog:

HTML5lib changelog:

  • IVQ release
  • FEC-4021 - Video is not playing on IOS9 while it has overly
  • FEC-4012 - Seek on ios 9 : presents only sound on DFP midroll
  • FEC-4010 - Main video on playlist slides down
  • FEC-4030 - Switching between slides stack the video on spinner, on IOS-9
  • FEC-4032 - Video is not replayed on : Vast pre-roll with interval (IOS-9)
  • FEC-4031 - Seek is not working on IOS-9 - spinner is shown
  • FEC-4026 - video can’t be replayed on IOS-9 in API player
  • FEC-4025 - PlaylistReady event is sent untimely (looped) on playlist on IOS-9
  • FEC-4028 - Vast postroll playing twice - video does not play and keeps loading forever on IOS-9
  • FEC-4029 - Video is not playing while has vast tracking on non-linear ad
  • FEC-4016 - Playhead is not updated to progress time on IOS-9 after DFP midroll (audio entry)
  • FEC-4011 - Fullscreen is not enlarged to the ios 9 screen entirely
  • FEC-3814 - Share & Embed basic - User not able log in to any social media on Microsoft Edge
  • FEC-4013 - While seek on IOS-9 in player with DFP pre-mid-postroll - Replay will not work
  • FEC-4019 - VMAP_post_linear is not skipped
  • FEC-4064 - YouTube playlist - can’t change entry
  • PLAT-3588 - Add playMainfest paramater for timealign removal of source flavor for wowza live streaming
  • SUP-5515 - VPAID Overlay positioning issue
  • FEC-4039 - Green marks on the video and video freezes on Firefox
  • FEC-3720 - External stream: plugin crushes and the stream is no longer playable
  • FEC-4040 - Video is not smooth and jumps
  • FEC-4067 - Omniture is not sending additional evars and props to view events
  • FEC-4069 - Support load with KS with slashes parameterization ( does not work ?ks param )
  • SUP-5512 - Download link not working in versions 2.33
  • FEC-4066 - The player don`t display the sync point and the Admin player plays HLS instead of HDS.
  • FEC-2522 - Support DFP VAST VPAID engine: Kaltura cuePoints, API invocation and partial mediaProxy cuePoint override
  • FEC-4087 - Re-evaluate mediaName before sending the 1st event
  • FEC-2693 - Lecture Capture: the LC menu appears also for VOD entries, if LC and VOD included in playlist
  • FEC-4088 - The mixed playlist with youtube entries doesn’t work properly
  • SUP-4784 - Entry duration presented with an additional second
  • SUP-5206 - Player CC button - UI issue
  • SUP-5184 - Player CC - UI issues
  • SUP-5353 - emebed - Full Screen playback on IE9 fails due to domain restrictions
  • SUP-5635 - Large button size in a custom style causes misalignment in “Share” screen
  • FEC-3173 - Google Analytics: Support custom event category and custom labels
  • FEC-4038 - Update Buffer documentation and add buffer duration to events and mediaProxy
  • FEC-3905 - Support NPAW youbora analytics plugin
  • FEC-4079 - Some entries play with interrupts
  • FEC-4094 - In-Video Quizzes: YouTube entry: Playback time & scrubber synchronization issue
  • SUP-5573 - Question - player events and logs
  • FEC-4091 - Auto play and auto continue don’t work for YouTube playlist
  • FEC-4090 - spinner stuck on youtube entry after seek
  • FEC-4074 - Tokenization for v2.34
  • FEC-4096 - YouTube playlist: the playlist doesn’t load if delivery type is Kaltura auto or HDS
  • FEC-4095 - Source not found player error
  • FEC-3820 - ad pod events are not sent to reporting server
  • FEC-3559 - allow overriding the ServiceUrl and CdnUrl completely by passing respective flashvars
  • FEC-3820 - ad pod events are not sent to reporting server
  • SUP-5849 - Scrubber arrow location with aspect ratio
  • KMS-8879 - Channel Playlist - Cannot handle upcoming Live/Webcast event
  • FEC-4100 - YouTube playlist: need to tap twice on screen in order to pause YouTube entry on Android and iOS
  • FEC-4099 - Youtube and KMC playlist: impossible to change playing entry from YouTube to KMC or vice versa on Android and iOS
  • FEC-4098 - YouTube playlist disabled after player loads on Android or iOS devices
  • FEC-4097 - YouTube playlist with auto play - the video doesn’t start, black screen appears on Android and iOS devices
  • FEC-4092 - YouTube playlist: black screen in player area appears after refreshing the test page
  • FEC-4093 - Lecture Capture: the LC menu/controls appear also for Kaltura live entries in combined playlist
  • FEC-3974 - “wrong reference id” message does not appear when using wrong reference id as source
  • FEC-4131 - can’t play live with ad stitching specific stream
  • FEC-4122 - Lecture capture - Video plays in the main screen when stream is selected
  • FEC-4120 - Multiple Playlists Monetization - Clicking an overlay ad pauses the video instead of open the target page
  • New HLS-OSMF plugin
  • Improved IE8 detection *

To upgrade, please follow:
RPM based:

Deb based:

Or, if running a cluster:

As always, your feedback is welcomed,

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