Kaltura CE 10.2.0 released

Hello all,

The latest version is now available.

This is the first version to support RHEL/CentOS 7, for info, please see:

Core changelog:

  • SUP-2516 - Crop thumbnail after grab from video error
  • SUP-3282 - Multi-Account Management Console copy content from template account Error
  • PLAT-2347 - Failure in recognition of the long/lat in the location reports due to update to IP2Location
  • PLAT-2313 - Entitlements are not inherited from live entry to recorded entry (was “API error on kwebcast page”)
  • PLAT-1631 - Support Media Repurposing use-case (time capsule)

HTML5 player changelog:

  • FEC-2611 - Chapters/Slides Menu (revised) - Playback
  • FEC-1997 - lecture Capture - search , search results, no results.
  • FEC-1971 - Support VPAID events mapping to VAST events
  • SUP-3067 - Default captions malfunction
  • SUP-3396 - captions do not appear on v2 players
  • SUP-3252 - doStop() function malfunction.
  • SUP-3429 - Clipped duration not displayed on page load, but only after play
  • SUP-2937 - Thumbnail message in the beginning of entries
  • SUP-3502 - HLS playback fails due to access control
  • SUP-3496 - Change image file name when download with Universal studio
  • SUP-3480 - Playlist player layout display issues in iOS/Android
  • FEC-2594 - Playhead segment doesn’t works - the video started to play from beginning

KMC changelog:

  • PLAT-2243 - kmc - kms categories Bulk delete Warning message is incorrect
  • PLAT-2242 - KMS \ KMC _edit warning category- Warning is not provided when changing between catrgoried

HTML5 Studio changelog:

  • SUP-3132 - Control Bar Icons are not transparent

To upgrade, please follow:

Or, if running a cluster:

As always, your feedback is welcomed,

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