Kaltura CE 10.14.0 released

Hello all,

The latest version is now available.

Core changelog:

  • SUP-4393 - Downloading screen recording from KMS saved as tmp file
  • SUP-4339 - Email notifications send all addresses in the “To” field
  • PLAT-3215 - ES3 - UnMuxed Solution Project
  • PLAT-2908 - syndication feeds using playManifest not working with Access Control
  • PLAT-3072 - many kuser_kgroup queries
  • PLAT-3059 - KalturaNullableBoolean in format=json

HTML5lib changelog:

  • FEC-3632 - Supprot all tremor ad substitutions
  • FEC-3640 - Support large play button when DFP ads are paused.
  • SUP-4897 - Download button leads to error
  • SUP-4856 - SRT files with Mac line endings do not load
  • SUP-4845 - YouTubePlayer should forceIframe by default
  • SUP-4843 - Low quality in bumper ads
  • SUP-4825 - SRT captions color change dynamically
  • SUP-4277 - Mediahuis - Windows Phone 8.1 black screen on playback
  • SUP-4182 - Firefox issue with right click menu
  • SUP-4564 - Image while broadcasting live audio stream
  • SUP-3568 - Change Iframe title from “Kaltura Embed Player iFrame” to the player’s title
  • SUP-4998 - Query - Defining one thumbnail URL for all entries while using thumbnail embed
  • SUP-5070 - abChecker plugin not working
  • SUP-4857 - Accessibility issue
  • SUP-5051 - Universal Player probes for Java’s runtime
  • SUP-5002 - Captions issue with player version 2.31 in Desktop and Android
  • SUP-3590 - Translating error message from English to Dutch

HTML5 studio changelog:

  • Add Studio support for Embed.ly embeds and Multi DRM plugins
  • FEC-3611 Studio v2: after adding new boolean plugin, grey square displayed over ‘delete’ icon
  • FEC-3612 Studio v2: need to add validation for Rate Selector selectable speeds
  • FEC-3615 Give more width to player in studio better support on page plugins
  • FEC-3628 Studio v2: need to click twice “Play” button after change player size, if ‘auto preview’ selected
  • FEC-3613 Studio v2: Strings plugin - possible to add new strings, even if the plugin unchecked
  • FEC-3609 Studio v2: incorrect aspect ratio selected ,if “Auto Preview” was checked
  • SUP-4846 Cannot set mediaProxy.preferedFlavorBR without turning the SourceSelector on
  • FEC-3628 Studio v2: need to click twice “Play” button after change player size, if ‘auto preview’ selected

To upgrade, please follow:
RPM based:

Deb based:

Or, if running a cluster:

As always, your feedback is welcomed,