Kaltura CE 10.12.0 released

Hello all,

The latest version is now available.

Core changelog:

Kaltura HTML5 changelog:

  • FEC-3185 - Add paging ability to core playlist
  • FEC-3504 - Add playSessionId to each playmanifest
  • FEC-3502 - Do not display slides, scubber or chapters when no DVR info is avalaible
  • FEC-2412 - Support configuration on flavor selector to display bitrate instead of size
  • SUP-4030 - Letterboxing bug when setting player for live stream
  • SUP-4589 - GroovyGecko - Google Analytics urchinCode plugin
  • SUP-4509 - Downloading a specific flavor
  • SUP-4237 - Rate Selector - speed conversion not working properly
  • SUP-3568 - Change Iframe title from “Kaltura Embed Player iFrame” to the player’s title
  • SUP-4621 - Player Analytics regression around statistics properties
  • SUP-3383 - “Install Flash” message not shown on IE8
  • SUP-3590 - Translating error message from English to Dutch
  • SUP-4572 - issue with video on application for iOS devices
  • SUP-4129 - Page zoomed in after exiting fullscreen
  • SUP-4678 - Full screen issue in Android Galaxy Note and Galaxy S3

To upgrade, please follow:
RPM based:

Deb based:

Or, if running a cluster:

As always, your feedback is welcomed,

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