Kaltura CE 10.10.0 released

Hello all,

The latest version is now available.

Core changelog:

  • PLAT-2042 - Kaltura MRSS Ingest for PostMedia (TR next)
  • PLAT-2829 - New feature: Add a pager to playlist->execute
  • SUP-3584 - Ellentv.com V2 playlist is out of sync
  • SUP-4358 - [Pearson] Java API SDK throws a NumberFormatException
  • PLAT-2865 - Live - isLive remains on true after stop streaming (regression)
  • PLAT-1600 - Duplicate VOD entry is created when stopping streaming before live entry starts to play.
  • PLAT-2497 - randomly the HLS flavors in the cloud transcode are not in sync
  • PLAT-2885 - Kaltura Live with DVR: Player stuck for a few minutes after loading page
  • WEBC-467 - Application error received when attempting to edit a webcast

KMC changelog:

  • SUP-4303 - A redundant message when creating or editing a conversion profile
  • PLAT-2796 - User get error messages on transcoding setting screen when user role sets with “transcoding setting-view only”
  • PLAT-2815 - Cannot save current transcoding profile without flavors

HTML5lib changelog:

  • FEC-3100 - Support DFP player identification
  • SUP-3177 - [v2.20] Player stuck when seeking on Firefox/OSX, webm flavor
  • SUP-3404 - Youtube videos will not load if Audio Description Plugin Enabled
  • SUP-3569 - Flicking TTML captions
  • SUP-3648 - Pausing on iPhone jumps to 00:00:15
  • SUP-3684 - Thumbnail at the end of a live stream
  • SUP-3864 - Download gets cut for large flavors
  • SUP-4003 - language of default captions will be chosen by browser language
  • SUP-4077 - Video Player Voice Over Accessibility Issue
  • SUP-4168 - [2.28] No progress or countdown indication for a DoubleClick ad
  • SUP-4213 - Video quality drop with player version 2.28 - preferedFlavorBR not respected
  • SUP-4250 - VAST preroll not respected in 2.28 on mobile.
  • SUP-4277 - Mediahuis - Windows Phone 8.1 black screen on playback
  • SUP-4473 - 2.29: “Stack overflow at line: 0” at end of playback on IE8
  • SUP-4546 - Embed code for video with chaptering is not loading
  • SUP-3314 - Player dimensions in Universal Studio
  • SUP-4232 - Black screen in IE when viewing videos in full screen
  • SUP-4051 - Downloading from player yields 0 bytes files

To upgrade, please follow:

Or, if running a cluster:

As always, your feedback is welcomed,

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