Kaltura Batch Conversion Issue


Running into a strange conversion issue in the KMC all of a sudden. Yesterday, was uploading files via KMC and they converted no problem. Today, I’m getting videos that are failing conversion completely and some that are / aren’t.
Looked inside of the KAC with the media that was failing, and am seeing this:

Found out my issue. I accidentally installed the batch role on my sphinx server, but it did not have access to the NFS share. Presented the NFS share to it, and voila. Everything is now working again. :blush:

Is there a way to safely remove this role from my sphinx server?


Yep:) Simply:
# /etc/init.d/kaltura-batch stop
make sure no batch jobs are still running:
# ps fax|grep php
Remove the batch package with either:
# aptitude purge kaltura-batch
# yum remove kaltura-batch
Login to the kaltura MySQL DB:
mysql> select * from scheduler;
and delete the host you just removed