Kaltura Android KalturaMediaService API to get videos in a category

I have below code to get video in a category:

KalturaClient client = getClient();
    KalturaMediaService mediaService = client.getMediaService();
    KalturaMediaEntryFilter filter = new KalturaMediaEntryFilter();
    filter.mediaTypeIn = “2”;
    filter.categoriesMatchOr = “16”;

KalturaMediaListResponse listResponse = mediaService.list(filter);
    Log.d(TAG, “totalCount:”+listResponse.totalCount);

I always get “totalCount” as 0, I tried the filter options as categoryAncestorIdIn, categoriesFullNameIn, categoriesIdsMatchAnd, categoriesIdsMatchOr, categoriesMatchAnd, categoriesMatchOr.

For every option I get count as 0, I have around 10-20 entries in this category which i am able to see from KMC.

So question is:

  1. how to list Media Entries which are part of one category
  2. also how to list all the entries which are not part of any category.

I am using Kaltura CE 10.0.0 single server setup, and I am using it from Kaltura android SDK.


Can you please use the testme console under the development tab in admin console?
It will show you all methods and object members available which will make it easier for you.
It will also show the code generated by selecting the method and values in the form.

Thanks for the reply, I found the API to get the videos by category using test me console.

Object result = client.getMediaService().list(filter, pager);