Issue with Integrating Kaltura Community Version-5 with Sakai-2.9.3

Hi All ,

We are facing an issue while integrating Kaltura community version 5 running on centos 6 with Sakai 2.9.3.

we are getting the error in sakai server log file is as follows

KalturaAPIService - Kaltura metadata feature permission (METADATA_PLUGIN_PERMISSION) set to (ACTIVE), this MUST be active/enabled
2015-10-09 11:28:38,820 ERROR http-bio-6080-exec-5 org.sakaiproject.kaltura.logic.KalturaAPIService - KalturaAPI INIT failed: Error creating Kaltura Metadata Profile (playlist) (partner=XXX, ks=YWRkODQ1MTU5MTY0Mzc1ODY0ODhkNGI4YWVlMmRjYTAzY2M1ZTIxY3wxMDA7MTAwOzE0NDQ0NzY1M

but by using the same sakai kaltura code we are able to integrate with default kaltura trail account with limited space given by kaltura.

Please help me solve this issue with sakai 2.9.3

Note : I have alredy enable metadata to the user which i am using



Kaltura CE 5 is quite old and is no longer supported.
Please see for instructions on how to install Kaltura CE 10.21.0 which is the current stable version.