Issue of logrotation for kaltura_monit.log


In recently versions of the Kaltura CE, kaltura_monit service does not write logs to “/opt/kaltura/log/kaltura_monit.log”.
So that, the “kaltura_monit.log” is not created.
On the other hand, “/opt/kaltura/app/configurations/logrotate/kaltura_base” has a rotation-script for the “kaltura_monit.log”.
And, the rotation-script restarts the kaltura_monit service after log-rotation of the “kaltura_monit.log”.
However, the kaltura_monit service will not be restarted since the log-rotation does not occur.

We should restart the kaltura_monit service every day?


Hi @t-saito,

Please see:

kaltura-monit-5.25.2-1 was pushed to the 14.6.0 repo which is the next release. For now, you can manually change /opt/kaltura/app/configurations/monit/monit.conf and reload the kaltura-monit daemon.

Generally speaking, there’s no need to reload Monit on daily basis, the only reason to do so is in the event the log has been rotated. Since, at the moment, monit is logging its events to syslog, that shouldn’t be necessary.

Hello, @jess

Thank you for your response and advice.
I am looking forward to release of the Kaltura CE 14.6.0.