Is it possible to resize the video beyond player size and full screen?

Still pretty new to Kaltura, and right away a lot of our student testers are already wondering about getting the ability to resize the video beyond the two sizes.

  1. The video playing back within the embedded player

  2. Going full screen with the video

Think of how on YouTube you can go from the default size, to a page width size, and then also full screen. Though I think it would be most beneficial if the video could auto-fit to a browser, so that the size of the browser would determine the size of the video. For example, in Windows 7 or 8, students could snap the video to the left of the screen and notes to the right.

Has anyone ever found the ability to do this, or created a way for doing it?

I’ve done some searching on it, but haven’t found anything yet. Thanks a lot in advance.

OK, but I guess my real conundrum, is I’m not sure how to do that. What am I missing?

Thanks, I’ll check into this and give it a test.

EDIT: This looks like a great starting point. Thanks so much for the sample!

I have the same question as weavern. A single video player works great when wrapped in a responsive div, but I can’t get a playlist player to work properly. It resizes with the browser, but the video portion of the player shrinks to nothing, so all you can see is the list of videos and their thumbnails, but not the actual video you’re playing. How does one embed a playlist player and make it responsive?