iOS: Kaltura Offline Capability

Hi, I am implementing offline capability of Kaltura with the help of Offline Playack.
The video is being downloaded using AFURLSessionManager and NSURLSessionDownloadTask from a remote server with an MP4 file

However while registering the download I get the following error
KPAssetRegistrationHelper initWithAsset:flavor: (line:63) – Invalid argument for assetConfig.localContentId

What should be the localContentID (besides entryId, UIConfigID, partnerID)? Is it the documents directory path?

First of all, localContentId should be any string that logically identifies the asset. An entryId is a good pick.

Second, please migrate to our new SDK, also known as PlayKit. It has much better performance, and offline support is superior.

Start here:


Thanks Noam,

I’ve used the Playkit SDK for Offline Videos. However, can you help me with proper documentation of using the SDK classes and methods? I am facing some issues in creating the correct target.

Also, how to achieve offline playback in playlist of Kaltura videos; or rather how can we extract individual video URLs from Kaltura playlist