iOS: Is there a list of available all possible events?

Hi There,

I’m implementing the iOS SDK and everything works perfect, but, some of the video’s have area restrictions, so it’s not possible to play them out of the UK for example.
I’m trying to find if there is any event available which tells iOS that the player won’t play because of such a restriction.
Also, sometimes in the player i get a message that the player wasn’t able to find the file on the server, also for this situation, i would really like to know if i can catch this event in iOS.

So bottom question: is there a list available of all possible events to catch with iOS?

I tried to get error event’s by this line:

player.addKPlayerEventListener(“error”, eventID: “error”, handler: { (string1, string2) in
DLog(“String1: (string1)”)
DLog(“String2: (string2)”)

But after looking into the source of the player, it seems that error event’s are never triggered.

Hey @jort_berends,

You can use:

- (void)kPlayer:(KPViewController *)player didFailWithError:(NSError *)error;

Which is under KPViewController, see below:


Thank you for your response Eliza.

But i don’t think this delegate method is called on the error event’s which i want to catch.

If i look into the code, in method:


  • (void)player:(id)currentPlayer eventName:(NSString *)event value:(NSString *)value {\

The event where the player can’t find the video on the server, it will call this method, but within this method, the delegate didFailWithError is not called…

Then the event where area restrictions apply, this event is never calling the KPViewController
.- (void)player:(id)currentPlayer eventName:(NSString *)event value:(NSString *)value {
method, and thus, will never call didFailWithError