Internal DB error

My server apparently ran ouf of drive space. This has apparently created an internal DB error. Why isn’t there some kind of alert monitoring to prevent this? Seems to me that the software needs to be self protecting to itself.

This is a most unpleasant problem to be dealing with after uploading hours of content. Please tell me there is a solution for this and some kind of addon to notify the admin when the drive space get’s low.

Hello @sales_3,

The Kaltura Server has Monit as a dependency and there is configuration to monitor space and CPU usage here:
The email to use for alerting is defined with:


where @ADMIN_CONSOLE_ADMIN_MAIL@ is replaced with the email you selected for the Admin Console user.
The email address as well as the thresholds can be changed, of course.
For Monit documentation, see

How do I fix the internal DB Error? I don’t want to have to reinstall. How do I fix the internal DB error?

Like I explained in several other threads with you, you need to look at the logs and find the exact error, then look back and paste the full trace and then we can talk about a resolution. Thus far, your reports did not provide enough info to get to the root cause.


Found that the issue was related to drive space which corrupted the DB. I have fixed both, BUT now I upload video, it seems to upload, but hangs on the conversion. It stalls on the original version the Kaltura icon just spins on the original and never gets to the other flavors when you are looking at view details from the content window.

Please advise. I don’t see an obvious error in the Kaltlog

Hi @sales_3,

Is your batch daemon running?
Assuming it is, go to Admin Console->Batch Process Control and input an entry ID. It will show all the jobs related to that entry ID which will give us some pointers as to where the process is stuck.

If your batch daemon is not running, try to start it with:
# service kaltura-batch start
and look at the log /opt/kaltura/log/kaltura_batch.log to see whether it starts correctly or generates errors. If there are errors, post them here.

NO IT WASN’T RUNNING SO I STARTED THAT and now everything encodes. But I now have a new issue.
the player that presents on the preview and embed is not the same player that I see when I copy the embed code to the website page I want it embedded on. Any ideas? I would like to get this running correctly.

The player to use is determined by the uiconf_id param.
Each player has its own unique ID and it is passed in the embed code.
When you are in the KMC->Preview and Embed view, on the left pane, you can select the player you want from a select box, which will then put the correct ID in the embed code.

I have verified that the embed code is correct. Just not sure why it doesn’t show correctly. I have verified that the emed code on the page is the same player code as shown in the window, BUT it is rich in the preview window but the page not so much.